Books by Pauline Hager

The House on Burditt Hill: The World War II Years

Follow a ten year old sister, now in her eighties, as she describes strict living conditions during the Great Depression and World War II. Read old letters and news clippings telling of the sinking of her three brothers' ships just days before and during the war. This ebook is a personal and thought provoking memoir, which will stir up memories of those who lived through this period, and enlighten the following generations of these bygone days, never to be had again. Read this informative memoir and understand why this sister's generation has earned the title "The Greatest Generation."

Giorgi's Greek Tragedy

After the fall of Constantinople (present day Istanbul), the Ottoman Turkish Empire occupied Greece from 1453 to 1829. Set in the year 1790 in the Taygetos Mountains of the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, the story recounts the tale of eleven-years-old Giorgi and his family. Elite agents of the Ottoman Sultan's Janissary Corps murder his parents and Giorgi longs for revenge. As teenagers, together with his younger brother Yianni, they leave their aunt's home and climb the higher, craggy mountains, seeking to join forces with their childhood hero and guerrilla leader, Kapetan Zaharias, and his outlawed Greek freedom fighters. Ensconced in deep caves, they live and train to battle the Turks.




Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan


Pauline and her husband, Randy, lived in Naka, Japan from July 1994 to December 1996. Randy had been invited by the Japanese government to work on a multi-national project, and after much soul-searching, had accepted. They lived in housing designed for Westerners, and their neighbors included people from The European Union, Russia, Canada, Japan and America. Completely ignorant of complicated rules of Japanese social behavior, they committed many faux pas which Pauline humorously describes in her book.

Armchair Travel Series


If you're planning a trip to just about anywhere on the globe, these books are for you. Pauline has compiled a travelogue of the very best of the destinations she has personally visited and witnessed the culture of that locality. Informative and imaginative, it's as if you are with her on an adventure of a lifetime!