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The House on Burditt Hill: The World War II Years

Three brothers' ships sink during WWII. Sister, then ten years old, recalls the events supported by letters and old news clippings. She vividly descibes austere war-time living conditions, including living through WWII and The Great Depresion, which defined The Greatest Generation.

" I did not know very much about WWII. This short story (memoir) is a fascinating read, so interesting, so humane, couldn’t put it down. Narrative is fluent and lively. "

—Mercedes Stankowski, San Diego, California

Giorgi's Greek Tragedy

Placed in the rugged Taygetos Mountains in the Peloponnese peninsula of Southern Greece, "Giorgi's Greek Tragedy" tells of The Ottoman Turkish Empire's occupation of Greece from 1790-1829. Agents of the sultan's elite Janissary Corps murder Giorgi's parents. Seeking revenge, he joins the outlawed Greek freedom fighters. Ensconced in deep caves, the fighters live and train to battle the Turks. Far below in the valleys, overtaxed and overworked peasants toil in the fields. The story comprises the lives of three generations of a family and of the cruel treatment inflicted upon them by the Turks. Love of family, love between a man and woman, and Giorgi's love of country are recurring themes in this poignant tale.

"Pauline Hager writes with stunning visual language that will sweep you away to Japan and Greece in her two books, the first is a memoir and the second is a novel. Hager's vivid and beautifully written words make you feel like you are right there. Enjoy!"

—Jeniffer Thompson, San Diego, Calif.


Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan

Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan tells the story of one woman whose husband is offered a position in Japan (a multinational project). After much soul-searching they accept, and their lives are never the same. They soon thrive in their new countryside home, specifically designed for Westerners they are surrounded by friendly neighbors from The European Union, Canada, Russia and America. Author Pauline Hager gingerly maneuvers through complicated rules of Japanese social behavior, never knowing when a simple faux pas would be construed as an intolerable violation of proper conduct. In this stunning memoir, you see that life in Japan is a challenge, but an amazing journey that anyone interested in Japanese culture should embark upon.

"Beautifully written! Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan" guides the reader through a foreign land with a perspective that is rich and personal."

—Rhonda Sanford, Seattle, Wash.


Armchair Travel Series:

Relax in your favorite armchair and travel the world by way of Pauline's vibrant narrative and plentiful pictures of the 21 countries she and her hubby have visited. The travelogues are titled "Armchair Travel Series", and include the following four exciting books:

Cruise the Panama Canal, Russia and the beautiful Danube River!
Travel to Durango, Grand Canyon, Chama, NM and Kansas City by Rail
Experience China by Land and Cruise, England by Auto
Tour Japan and Thailand by Auto

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