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Fox and Quill Newsletter

by: Shirley Ann Parker

A delightful book comprised of seventeen vignettes. Each tale is rich in life's experiences. We know the characters as our neighbors, our relatives or our enemies. At one time or other, we may have experienced these events or know of someone who has.

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According to Michael J. Saliba, M.D., there is an affordable medical treatment that uses HEPARIN sprayed on burns to painlessly treat the burn and scars. In addition to heparin relieving burn pain, it enhances and shortens the healing and results in smooth skin. I can personally relate to this because several years ago I was accidently burned on my hip, and I still remember the excruciating pain, as well as the many visits to the doctor. It took years for the scar to fade, and I wish Heparin had been available for burns at that time. To learn more please click on this website:

If you find this information useful, please tell your relatives, friends, and doctors about heparin. Doctors generally listen to what their patients request. US doctors researched and developed this method and it is widely used worldwide, but US treatment is still predominantly surgery. Public awareness is needed and this is why I am reaching out to you. Thanks for taking the time to browse Dr. Saliba's website.

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John D. Wolf
Author of Fantastic Tales

Wolf The adventure of writing fantastic tales has become my third career and a fulfillment of an internal need. I started my vocational life as an engineer, because I found life's forces so fascinating. I never thought writing would be the next adventure, but it has become a conduit to continue my search for internal bliss. It has become my Nirvana.

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Orphan Records
by John D. Wolf
ISBN: 0-7414-3052-5

blank OrphanRecords

A Dark and Stormy Knight
by John D. Wolf
ISBN: 0-7414-3279-X

blank DarkKnight

by John D. Wolf
ISBN: 0-7414-3920-4

blank Harmonics

Of Beryl & Alabaster
by John D. Wolf
ISBN: 0-7414-5225-1

blank Beryl

Benny Plays the Blues
by John D. Wolf
ISBN: 0-7414-5748-2

blank Benny